The Library collects the theses written at the participating institutions. These are lendable if approved by the author. The location name specified is supplemented by a consecutive number..

Bachelor Theses

Subject Shelf Mark         Program 1   
Geophysics BSC Geop B.Sc. Geophysics / Oceanography
Oceanography BSC Oze B.Sc. Geophysic / Oceanography
Meteorology BSC Met B.Sc. Meteorology
Biogeochemistry BSC Geow B.Sc. Geosciences
Hydrobiology / Fisheries Sciences *               BSC Bio                  B.Sc. Biology

* For more Bachelor Theses of B.Sc. Biology please visit the Department Library of Biology at Biozentrum Grindel and Biozentrum Klein Flottbek

1 For all information concerning the various programs please refer to the german pages

Master Theses

Subject Shelf Mark Program
Geophysics MSC Geop       M.Sc. Geophysics
Oceanography MSC Oze M.Sc. Physical Oceanography
Meteorology MSC Met M.Sc. Meteorology
Biogeochemistry MSC Geow M.Sc. Geosciences
Hydrobiology and Fisheries Sciences             MSC Bio                  M.Sc. Marine and Ecosystem Sciences (MARSYS)

Diploma Theses

Subject Shelf Mark
Geophysics Dipl.-Arb. IfG
Meteorology          Dipl.-Arb. MI
Ozeanography Dipl.-Arb. IfM
Biogeochemistry Dipl.-Arb. IBM
Hydrobiology + Fisheries Sciences                 Dipl.-Arb. IHF



Subject Shelf Mark Program
Geophysics DISS IfG                 International Max-Planck Research School of Earth System Modelling
Meteorology DISS MI (IMPRS-ESM)
Ozeanography DISS IfM +
Biogeochemistry DISS IBM *     School of Integrated Climate System Sciences
Hydrobiology + Fisheries Sciences                  DISS IHF (SICSS)


* After 2014 published PhD-Theses in Biogeochemistry can be found in the Geological Library (Geomatikum)

The no longer published different printed report series of the institutes can be found in the archive

Delivery of Theses

The library would like to store and provide all theses written at our institutes. The supply with one copy  from the study office was abandoned for organizational reasons. We therefore ask all graduates to deliver a copy (printed or electronic) of their thesis to the library including their consent for loan. Of course, this is entirely voluntary. We also offer to provide the full text here if desired.

Scientific Articles

The publications of the individual scientists of the institutes are usually displayed on the institute web pages, often also provided in full text if possible.

The publications of the Max Planck Institute of Meteorology are recorded on the repository of the Max Planck Society  MPG. PuRe. Automatically updated dynamic lists display all publications on the Website of the institute.

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