Bachelor Theses

Schmidt, Ben
Seismic velocity analysis using spectral bandwidth
Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 2019.    Initiates file downloadPDF

Master Theses

Büchau, Yann Georg
Modelling shielded temperature sensors: an assessment of the Netatmo Citizen Weather Station. Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 2018.    PDF

Salaj, Darko
Observed and modelled onshore-offshore variability of oxygen and plankton on a high resolution North Sea transect: estimations of nutrient concentrations within a selected offshore area of the transect.  Hamburg: University of Hamburg, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, 2018.   Initiates file download PDF

Schreyer, Felix
Decision under climate uncertainty: Learning in target-based approaches - Hamburg: Universität Hamburg, 2016.  PDF

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