Access to eBooks via the EBC-ProQuest platform

Working with e-books made easy! On the new platform EBC from ProQuest you work even more efficiently with e-books thanks to practically built-in functions. Learn more in this article about how you can use e-books on the EBC platform for scientific work.

Some of our online literature offers (e.g. e-books) can be used via the EBC platform. Access is IP-based from the UHH network. You have the right to read online in the eBook. If you would like to download it, set bookmarks, highlight in color in the text, attach notes, copy or print text, you must register on the EBC platform. All you need is your e-mail address (preferably business) with a password of your choice.

Between 20-40% printout per user per eBook is allowed. The concrete contingent varies depending on the publisher. The print and copy contingent is reset every 24 hours.

Between 5-20% copy & paste per user per eBook is allowed. The concrete contingent is also different here depending on the publisher. The contingent for Copy & Paste is reset every 24 hours.

The permanent download of a chapter or a certain number of pages (volume is defined by the publisher; not all publishers allow this download form) is permitted after previous individual authentication. Downloading is possible for desktop (PC, notebook), iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android (Smartphones, Tablets). The quota is reset every 24 hours for most titles.

A complete download of the entire eBook is limited in time. The process can be repeated as often as desired after previous individual authentication.

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