Campus Delivery Service

The campus delivery service of the Stabi and the departmental libraries is going to be expanded.

Previously, this delivery service was reserved for university employees only. Due to the current situation, it is now also open to students of the UHH. The first step is the Katalogplus, the joint catalogue of the departmental libraries and the SUB Hamburg. All customers must first sign in with their library card so that the characteristic sign for the delivery service appears in the title display. 

(top right in the title display)

You can request scans for all titles that are marked with this symbol. All libraries involved in the campus delivery service - including us - try to deliver as quickly as possible within the limits of their local manpower. Please understand that some things may not work immediately. But in these times, we are already practicing patience quite successfully.

Employees can also order printed literature via the Katalogplus and get it delivered to their institute's address.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the BIS Team. Our central Tel.-No. 42838 5076 - Mon - Fri (except public holidays)  9 am- 5 pm

Of course we also try to obtain literature that is not available through the campus delivery service. Please feel free to contact us.

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