General rules for all our customers

  • The library is open Monday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm.
  • Admission only for university members (students, scientists) and members of the MPI for Meteorology and not for the public. Persons without an access card to the building are requested to register with the gatekeeper at the Geomatikum. The telephone number is displayed at the entrance to Bundesstr. 53
  • Until further notice, the purpose of use is limited to the return and collection / lending of ordered media (via E-Mail).
  • Additionally the reservation of individual workplaces is possible. Please see below
  • The library may only be entered alone and not in groups.
  • A maximum of 10 individual visitors may stay in the library.
  • Please follow the arrows on the floor in front of and in the library.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters to other users.
  • Please wear a mouth and nose protector when entering the library.


Special information for the reservation of workplaces

  • From 6 July 2020, 7 individual desks will be released. The desks must be reserved in advance using the online form.
  • One reservation per person per day is possible. Workplaces can be reserved for the current and the next week. You will receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail. If the desired date is not available, we offer an alternative date. Please cancel if you do not wish to come.
  • Current time slots for desk reservations are Monday to Friday from 10.00-12.45 and 13.00-15.45.
  • Free places can be assigned spontaneously
  • At the end of the reserved time, the workplaces must be completely cleared, before desinfection can be made for the next time slot.
  • The wearing of a simple mouth and nose protection is obligatory when entering, leaving and moving within the library. It is also required to wear a simple mouth and nose protector on the way to the reserved workstation. The mask may be taken off at the table itself. Drinks may be taken along.
  • All shelf areas of the library and the group rooms remain closed to the public. Literature from the stock can be ordered through the staff.
  • One PC-terminal is available in order to download e-media which are only accessible at BIS.
  • In order to enter the building (Bundesstr. 53) you must be registered in the lists in front of the gatekeeper's lodge in the Geomatikum (Bundesstr. 55). The service personnel in the Geomatikum also give access to our building. The reservation confirmation must be shown at the Geomatikum and when entering the library (mobile phone or paper printout).

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